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Three years after the events at Beacon Mental Hospital, Sebastian Castellanos has left the Krimson City Police Department, but the mysterious organization MOBIUS gives him a chance to save his own thought-dead daughter.
That&#39;s a very good second entrance from Tango we got here. <br/><br/>I&#39;ve just beaten the game in Nightmare and I was overall delighted with the way the game handles its new orientation. It has an interesting way of delivering its core elements to the player. <br/><br/>The whole game is taking place in the city of Union, pivotal place giving off plenty of room for exploration through semi-open areas. The game design is thought in such a way that you alternate between narrow places focusing on frenzied chase scenes and more open scenery prone to exploration. As far as I&#39;m concerned the parts unfolding &quot;inside&quot; were the most thrilling as it&#39;s mainly during those closed sequences that the real survival/horrific touch springs. I recommend playing in Nightmare because the challenge is present and also because the game design choices won&#39;t make you feel uncomfortable or frustrated in any way. If you plan your escape properly relying on infiltration (you&#39;ll have to do so in Nightmare, trust me) the outcome will be rewarding because you&#39;ll save bullets and also sweat a lot from time to time for fear of getting your head topped off - some death scenes are horrendously graphic, good thing in a TEW game. While sometimes you&#39;ll be forced to run as fast as you can, you&#39;ll also have to bring out the big underloaded guns so as to make heads fall off. Given that ammunition is more a of rare commodity in this mode (though the lack never turns out to be an artificial attempt to spice up the global challenge if you thoroughly search your surroundings) shooting at enemies will always require a good aim just as did the first episode and this is an important element when it comes to inducing anxiousness. The game itself is not as terrifying as an Amnesia or Outlast primarily because of this alternation between the inside and the outside - the outside being thought as a way to take a breather between two insane sequences. <br/><br/>The atmosphere is absolutely riveting and spine-tiggling. Both the pretty graphics (especially on PC) and FX sounds are the root of this result. A lot of questions find answers and the scenario more personal this time is very pleasant to follow. I find it good that the developers put Sebastian in the center of the plot this time. It was high time they set him forth. He&#39;s a lot more well written than before, giving rise to a more human, touching and sensitive figure. Big up to Stefano Valentini who is to my mind the best-rendered ingame antagonist alongside Obscura. <br/><br/>Good Points : - Well-written story - Stefano Valentini has a great <br/><br/>personality - Pretty-looking (especially on PC) - More accurate aiming system than in the first - Shooting, running and stealth scenes feel good - Awesome bestiary chara design, gruesomely beautiful enemies (Well Sebastian&#39;s definitely a classy detective) - Quite lengthy for such a game (20h) - Smartly implemented crafting system - The bosses (Stefano) - Clearer story - Alternations inside/outside, a good idea… <br/><br/>Negative points : - …resulting in a less blistering terror pace - Rigid animations (movements) - Minor collision bugs <br/><br/>This game doesn&#39;t revolutionize anything but the execution of its mechanics is indubitably qualitative. We get to delve into a hellacious story with many strong points one should definitely consider experiencing. Do not expect this game to turn your blood into ice like Outlast or Amnesia because it&#39;s not as terrifying (neither was the first game btw) but do expect however a wacko journey that will have you venture into a twisted and impressively well rendered mad world where rationalism seems to be an intruder. A really good experience. If you loved the first iteration of the series and are fond of singular survival-horror experiences, you definitely should consider giving TEW 2 a try.
If you&#39;re a fan of survival horror and a die hard Resident Evil fan, I think you&#39;ll be pleasantly surprised with Evil Within 2. I wasn&#39;t too keen on the first one, but this one really is simply amazing. It reminds me a lot of old school RE (Code Veronica) because of the setting and scenery, it&#39;s an eerie game, but it comes with an open world feeling to it that the classic RE&#39;s could never do because of the technology at the time. Like I said in the title to this review, and I hate to say it, this could have been RE 7 because, simply put, it&#39;s better and you actually KILL zombies! The director of this title is The Godfather of RE, and he doesn&#39;t disappoint with this installment. Give it a shot, you won&#39;t be disappointed. I had hours of fun with it, and I loved the storyline and how it unfolded.

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