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In the distant future, as the galaxy is being colonized, humanity goes to war against the Dracs, a reptilian race from the planet Draco as both races fight over the control of many worlds. During a space battle, space pilot Willis Davidge crashes on Fryine IV, a volcanic planet. Willis finds he isn't alone and finds a Drac named Jeriba Shigan has also crashed on the planet. Both stranded on Fryine IV, Both Davidge and Jeriba both put aside their differences and their hatred for each other as they both try to survive on the planet, where they learn of each other's cultures and form a friendship.
A soldier from Earth crashlands on an alien world after sustaining battle damage. Eventually, he encounters another survivor, but from the enemy species he was fighting. They band together to survive on this hostile world. In the end, the human finds himself caring for his enemy in a completely unexpected way.
I saw the film long time ago, when it was released in my country. Even when I think it is a great sci-fi movie that makes the viewer to reconsider about human condition and prevalence to violence, it is not an original subject. I seriously believe it is a remake from 1968 film by John Boorman "Hell in the Pacific", with two great actors, the American Lee Marvin and the Japanese Toshiro Mifune. The pot for both films are very similar: two enemy soldiers lost in an abandoned island or planet, where they start to fight each other, one is taken prisoner, manages to escape and roles are changed, until they learn to be friends in order to survive. "Hell in the Pacific", a two-actor film, may be seen as a duel of acting performances. However, I prefer to say that the actors complete each other. In "Enemy Mine",on the other hand,the acting by Louis Gosset Jr, is somehow lost because of the heavy make up for his characterizations as a lizard-like alien.Although finals are different, Boorman's final maybe defined as cruel while Petersen looks for a somehow "happy" ending, It can be explained by the kind of emotions that the directors are trying to cause in the viewers. However, both of the films are are really good and I strongly suggest to watch and compare them.
This film features two characters, a human and a drac, whose people have been at war with each other for years, who crash on a barren planet. At first, all they can think of is destroying each other. Soon, however, they find they have to rely on each other to survive. They both become friends in the process. I enjoyed it, and it reminded me of a poem I once read in literature class called "The Snake." You will enjoy this movie.

In Germany the movie was shown in a version that is 1 minute longer than the International Version. Two scenes were prolonged. Be aware that the German DVD only features the International Version. Yes. Enemy Mine is based on a novella written by <a href="/name/nm0519530/">Barry Longyear</a> in 1979 No. Author <a href="/name/nm0519530/">Barry Longyear</a> was quoted as stating that 20th Century Fox asked him to write in the subplot involving the scavenger mine because the audience would not figure out that the title &#39;Enemy Mine&#39; was actually a play on the phrase &#39;My enemy.&#39;
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